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Iolo Williams


Naturalist, TV presenter and conservationist

''The wild boar roamed the British countryside for thousands of years before it was hunted to extinction. Surely, we can find room for this iconic mammal in our impoverished countryside?''

Chris Packham


Naturalist, Photographer and TV Presenter

"The wild boar was a native species in the UK for thousands of years playing an intrinsically important role in our landscapes ecology. Now it has returned to some areas we need to adapt to accept its presence and manifest a rational tolerance to its behaviours and impacts on our lives. It is a real and very positive agent amongst our impoverished and persecuted fauna. Please live and let the boar live too." 

Lindsey Chapman


Naturalist and Presenter

‘’Wild boar is a true native species to Britain, part of our natural makeup for thousands of years. It is my hope that in the areas where it has now returned, we can adapt to and integrate this unique animal for future generations”

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New Supporter Coming Soon


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 Your support and contributions will enable us to carry on helping wild boar and see them secure their spot back in the wilds of the UK.