Wild Boar Statistics

All you need to know about wild boar:

Species: Sus scrofa

Collective Term: Sounder

Weight of female boar: 80 - 120 kg

Weight of male boar: 100 - 175 kg

Life Span: Up to 14 years but due to environmental pressures very few survive past 5 years

Sexual maturity of females: 8 - 15 months

Sexual maturity of males: 7 - 10 months

Height at shoulder (varies with age/sex): 55cm – 1.1m

Length of body (varies with age/sex): 90cm – 1.8m

Litters per Year: 1, very rarely 2

Average Litter Size: 4-6

Age of Weaning: 6 – 12 weeks

Weight of a piglet at birth: 0.4 - 0.8 kg

Length of gestation: 120 days

Speed: Can run up to 30 mph



Wild boar have a dense coat of coarse bristles which vary greatly in colour based on the age of the animal. Piglets are born with a softer coat of brown and yellow stripes which is reflected in their nickname of ‘humbugs’. These stripes are often used as camouflage against the forest floor to hide them from any predators or threats. At the age of 3-4 months they outgrow their stripes, moult, and take on their first adult coat of uniform reddish brown and as they get older and mature further the coat darkens and becomes dark brown/black.



Contrary to belief, both male and female wild boar have tusks present. Male wild boar grow tusks from about 2 years, and have both upper and lower tusks. The top tusk being hollow and used by the lower tusks to keep sharp. Tusks on a male can reach over 6cm, however on a female they only grow to half this size and females only have lower tusks and they do not protrude like male ones do 



Wild boar have very poor eyesight and rely on their hearing, and excellent sense of smell, to alert them to a possible threat. Whilst they can see movement it isn't until they approach us that they realise what we are. If a wild boar approaches you it is almost certainly just trying to see what you are, and once they have, they usually give a ‘snort’ and run off.

Mothers and Young:

Wild boar give birth once per year, very very rarely twice, please do not believe all the headlines which state wild boar give birth 3 times a year to 15 piglets each time, this is simply not true and virtually biologically impossible. Sows are understandably wary when they have young; the average number of piglets is 4-6 per sow per year. It is possible to see wild boar group together in “sounders” when 3+ sows and 18+ piglets can play together. Piglets with their mothers can be a lovely experience; please don’t risk spoiling it by getting too close. Like any other species on the planet ‘mum’ has a duty to protect her young.


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